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Nadine Hill Portsmouth Permanent Makeup

Nadine Hill
Portsmouth Permanent Makeup

Hi.  I think it’s important for you to know a bit about me and where I’m at in my life. I didn’t have a great time growing up but despite this, I knew I was special like every single one of us is. I put my all into becoming the best version of myself I thought I could be. I worked my way up in retail and become a store manager. I was in retail for 16 years but I needed an outlet to express my creativity.

I first realised my creative talents when I started upcycling furniture to make a nice home for me and my son on no money.

I went to college and got 2 diplomas in hairdressing but then fate stepped in and a divine intervention happened. I went on a UK TV program called ‘Rich house Poor house’ on Channel 5.

Meeting Katy and Paul has changed my life. Katy and Paul saw my potential and really saved me. Katy and I share the same spiritual awareness and we connected instantly.

She saw my talents and she gave me an amazing opportunity to become who I really am, a permanent makeup artist.

She recognised my integrity and my natural empathetic nature that I have with people and my clients.

I get so much out of helping people. It’s such a great feeling when someone needs your help and is sometimes feeling defeated and you have that ability to lift and make a person feel good again. Not just with the right advice and words but with the skills you have learned to make that happen i.e. in permanent makeup.

There is nothing better than knowing my clients will wake up every day with perfect makeup. Imagine the feeling of every morning not having to fill in your brows because they are perfect. Go to the gym and wear only a smile on your face (and gym clothes, of course, lol) go swimming and look amazing during and after your session. You may only want a few hair strokes to be added if you might of over-plucked over the years.

It’s not just about makeup it’s about how it makes you feel.

I want to help you feel amazing about yourself. Life is about lifting each other up.

If this sounds good to you then I would love to see you for a free no-obligation consultation.

Nadine xx

Here’s a little about my training and experience in the industry…


Here is just a brief overview of the in-depth knowledge required to perform permanent makeup at a very high level. I trained 1 to 1 with Multi-Award Winning Head Trainer Katy Jobbins at the Permanent Makeup Training Academy.

Medical Knowledge

  • Dermatology
  • Medical Conditions
  • Changes In The Skin
  • Contra-indications
  • Allergy Testing
  • Consultations, Medical History, & Aftercare

Colour Theory

  • Colour Theory, Permanent Makeup Pigments and Colour Mixing
  • The Study of 21 Pigments
  • Advanced Colour Correction

Technical Training

  • Needle Configurations
  • Machine management & Sterilisation
  • 7 Advanced Needling Techniques
  • Pigmenting Guidelines for Brows, Eyes, Lips
  • Total Symmetry, Convex & Concave Faces
  • Pre Drawing & Measuring Eyebrows, Lips & Eyes
  • Natural Hair Simulation, Powdered Effect Eyebrows, Combination Effect Eyebrows
  • Lip Liner, Natural Lip Blush & Full Lip Colour
  • Eyelash Enhancement, Safe & Simple Eyeliner Designs
  • Micro-Blading

Specialist Training

I’ve had specialist training in corrective treatments so I am able to perform corrective permanent makeup procedures on unhappy clients that have had their permanent makeup done elsewhere with poor results.

I Use Only the Highest Quality, SAFE, VEGAN, & CRUELTY-FREE, Permanent Makeup Pigments on All My Clients…

Portsmouth Permanent Makeup Pigments


The pigments I use are a high-quality line of permanent makeup pigments like no other. I use 7 light to dark pigments that can be mixed if needed, to provide the perfect match for your brows, liner, and lips.

The pigments have been designed specifically for cosmetic tattooing. The high-quality line of pigments brings together many amazing qualities that provide the best coverage and last the longest.

These pigments also designed to allow me to go over old permanent makeup that has faded or mis-coloured.

Your results will not fade to different colours, only lighter versions of the original colour.


100% safe and cruelty-free. These pigments have never been tested on animals and do not contain animal by-products so they are both safe and vegan friendly.

Your Consultation & Your New Look Designs



Before we do any treatments the first thing to do is get you in for a consultation. This is the most important part of the treatment as this is where I find out about YOU.

We can talk through how you would like your make up to look and what we can achieve.

I will get you to fill out a health questionnaire to evaluate any health concerns which could affect treatment. We will also do a patch test to make sure you are compatible with the products I use, at least 12 hours before treatment.

Lastly I will take a picture of your face before and after and sculpt your brows etc. out with a makeup pencil and get you to check that the shape is to your satisfaction. We will then choose the best shade of ink for you. Once you are happy I will then book you in for your treatment.

Procedure & Anti-Allergy Patch Test



The procedure will be performed over 2 sessions 6 weeks apart.

Once again I will sculpt your eyebrows etc. with a makeup pencil again and get you to check you are happy. Then I will work my magic. At first the colour will appear darker and possibly bolder then your desired look. Don’t panic it’s all part of the healing process. Your final look will be soft and natural.

At the six week check up I will check over the makeup. Topping up if needed, or just a tweak here and there. Making sure you are 100% satisfied with your new look.

Patch Test

Although all the products I use are hypoallergenic it is required be law that a patch test is carried out at least 12 hours before a treatment can happen. It’s not as scary as it may sound. I take a small amount of ink on a swap and put some behind your ear. If in 12 hours no reaction then we are good to go. You should consult me if a reaction develops.

Nadine Hill Portsmouth Permanent Makeup

Nadine Hill

Portsmoth Permanent Makeup Specialist

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